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Greetings from Celestial Grace Temple. My name is Andy Anderson, Ordained Minister and Pastor of Celestial Grace Ministries.

Andy Anderson

Our Ministry invites you to contact us should you have a spiritual or biblical question, are seeking spiritual guidance or are in need of prayer, spiritual or emotional support.

If you have a question about God’s words, Biblical text, God’s Kingdom, about His Son, Jesus Christ or would like assistance in building your spiritual faith or assitance with prayer, we invite you to contact us.

Many people struggle with various kinds of problems that can disrupt their life, causing discomfort, anxiety or emotional pain.

There is always a solution to overcome an affliction or hardship, no matter how severe it may seem to be, because with God, any thing is possible.

Also, many people struggle to understand the words of God. The text and verses written in the Bible and in the Quran can sometimes be difficult to interpret or understand. However, both books contain a wealth of spiritual information that can enlighten your life.

Our website offers an array of helpful options to assist you in studying the words of God, to enhance your spiritual awareness and wisdom, and to help you overcome any troubling problems that may be causing you discomfort. We recommend that you use our Site Map (located in the bottom page menu bar) to explore our website and become familiar with the options that are available. Through faith and wisdom any problem can be solved.

Celestial Grace always welcomes your contact. You can chat with us live online or submit a question using our email services:

Chat live with Pastor Anderson by using Facebook - Live Chat at: Facebook Live Messenger Chat

Contact Celestial Grace Ministry India: Pastor Devnath Raghuwanshi

If you have a spiritual question, a question about God’s words, Biblical text, God’s Kingdom, Jesus Christ, or just need assistance in building your spiritual faith, you can email us at:

We will usually respond to your email within 24 hours or sooner when possible. Also, we offer one on one personal phone or live chat sessions for people that are struggling with a troubling life issue. If possible, it’s best to request an appointment date and time so a dedicated session can be reserved for you:

May the grace of God be upon you always --- Amen.


Pastor Andy Anderson

Celestial Grace Ministry
Safety Harbor, Florida 34695