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Celestial Grace Temple is an Internet Church of God. By becoming a member, you are acknowledging to God that you believe in Him, that you accept His love and that you are willing to take time in your life to study His words.

We invite you to become a member of Celestial Grace. By doing so, you will receive the amenities that our online church offers.

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Referenced below is a list of amenities we offer to our registered members.

Membership Amenities:

  • Receive important news briefs on worldly events.

  • Receive briefs on Christian, spiritual and prophetic events.

  • Receive secret spiritual wisdom revealed from the lost gospels.

  • Receive announcements and invitation notices.

  • Receive weekly membership prayer blessings.

  • Receive our monthly newsletter.

  • Be able to listen to live or recorded Webinars.

  • Be able to submit personal prayer requests.

  • Be able to receive special offers from Christian businesses.

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