About Celestial Grace:    Our Ministry Can Enhance Your Spiritual Growth


Celestial Grace Temple is a spiritual based website ministry founded by Pastor Andy Anderson and is dedicated to assisting people study the words of God, and to achieve a balanced spiritual alignment in their life. We also aid in the assistance of humanitarian and animal kindness offering compassion and prayer to help relieve suffering.

We believe that every person alive in the world has the spirit of God dwelling within them. God's spirit is a life sustaining energy force, (which brings life to the human body, mind and soul) and enables each person born on Earth to have awareness, conscious thought, intellect, and, an individual character that possesses free choice of thoughts and actions (these are God's endowments to mankind).

In order to sustain a healthy, joyful, fulfilling and peaceful life, you must recognize, align and synchronize your spiritual life force between the celestial universe, (God’s universe) and the terrestrial (Earth’s universe).

Most people in today’s world focus the majority of their thoughts on temporal, carnal (flesh or earthly things) and very little on spiritual things.

This causes the flow of a person’s spiritual energy to become out of alignment with its source, (with God) which can cause instability, confusion, frustration, depression, emotional pain, negative anger, arrogance, selfishness, insidious lust, and in many cases: immoral, abusive, or criminal behavior in a person’s life.

Throughout the world, in most countries, the population of jail, prison, and welfare systems increase year by year, and human and animal suffering keep rising. Sadly in America, marriage has deteriorated so much that more then half of first time marriages will end in divorce (which means thousands of broken homes for children).

To help people better manage their lives, we offer spiritual alignment guidance that can help you focus on spiritual priorities, so that you can enhance your spiritual wisdom, to achieve an equitable balance between temporal, carnal thoughts and activities, and spiritual thoughts and activities. (View Our Ministry Doctrine)

Our Website provides a complete, fully indexed audio Bible, and easy to read text versions of the Bible, The Old and New Testaments, The complete sayings of Jesus Christ, The Book of Enoch in text or audio, spiritual, biblical and faith based movies and videos, The Quran, and a variety of other theological and metaphysical study materials, (including an English version of The Zohar); as well as offers spiritual guidance by using our reference library, interactive email, and live chat support.

All these resources are designed to assist a person in the enhancement of their spiritual knowledge and wisdom, and to better understand the relationship between God and mankind.

When you enhance your spiritual wisdom, you can improve the quality of your life; free yourself of daily stress and emotional grief, overcome unwanted dependencies and life damaging vices, boost your energy level, and heal yourself from common sicknesses as well as increase your chances of achieving your dreams and goals; but most of all, to be given the gift of resurrection from death, a new ageless body, eternal life, and be able to dwell in God's Kingdom infinitely.

Every human being is endowed with the ability to believe and communicate with God. This endowment is a gift, an honor and privilege that is given to you upon your birth into the world. Take heed during your life to always respect this wonderful gift, and never neglect or abuse it.

Please help us to keep this website ministry online and to continue doing God’s works to help relieve human and animal suffering. Any donation amount that you would offer, would be a wonderful kindness to our ministry and would surely return a rich blessing in your life: Visit our donation and support page.

May the grace of God be upon you always --- Amen.


Pastor Andy Anderson

Celestial Grace Ministry