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Celestial Grace Ministry is seeking individuals who believe they have been divinely inspired by God to do His work.

Currently we are seeking volunteers to become Spiritual Counselors with Celestial Grace Ministry, (to assist in teaching the wisdom of God).

To become a Spiritual Counselor you must be qualified to provide counseling assistance to people who are seeking to enhance their spiritual awareness, to better understand the words of God, and to increase their spiritual wisdom; to pray for them, and teach them how to accept Christ in their life.

You can do this work for God part time from your home, over the phone or internet, and in your local community.

Please consider however, engaging in the work of God is a highly committed and serious responsibility. Unless you have been divinely inspired by God, you should not attempt to become a Spiritual Counselor.

Earth is God’s world, He created it and gave it to mankind to dwell on, and to live together in harmony, and in a righteous and moral manner. God does, however, seek ambassadors that will support and teach the understanding of His moral guidelines, and that will perform acts of kindness and goodwill.

God is seeking spiritually conscious people. Individuals that have spiritual sensitivity and can feel His presence. Those that are willing to align themselves with God, take the time to enhance their spiritual wisdom, strengthen their faith, and that are not afraid to stand up against malevolent forces.

The qualifications to become a Spiritual Counselor with Celestial Grace Ministry are listed below:

  • You must have been divinely inspired or called by God to do his work.

  • You must have love for God and believe in Him with all your heart, mind and soul.

  • You must believe in God’s Kingdom and have faith in His Angels and accept the authority
    of His Son, Jesus Christ, to: (forgive sin, resurrect from death and grant enteral life).

  • You must maintain a high standard of moral and ethical behavior.

  • You must gain familiarity with the scriptural text in both the Holy Bible and the Koran (Quran).

  • You must be willing to become ordained as an Associate Pastor through Celestial Grace Ministry. This is accomplished by achieving a passing grade on a written Associate Pastor exam, and by signing an oath confirming your divinity (The Spiritual Hippocratic Oath of Divinity).

  • You must be willing to accept and support the Celestial Grace Ministry Doctrine: (Doctrine of Celestial Grace Temple).

  • You must possess Computer and Internet Skills and own either a Computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) or a Smart Phone Mobile Device, an have a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  • You must voluntarily disclose any misdemeanor or felony crime convictions that have occurred in your life (all information is keep strictly confidential). Please note however -- should you have a criminal conviction that does not necessarily disqualify you from consideration.

Initially, this is a voluntary position and no monetary compensation is offered. Conversely, based on the Temple’s budget some monetary compensation may be allocated. Please consider however, the rewards for supporting God and doing his works far exceed any amount of monetary compensation that you may receive --- (the spiritual enrichment of your mind and soul).

If you believe you can meet these qualifications, please submit the form shown below. In the form, please provide a brief summary of your background, and why you believe or feel you have been inspired by God to do His works. -- We welcome your application.

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We will carefully evaluate your divinity calling, and will contact you regarding your desire to become an Ordained Spiritual Counselor.


All email addresses are kept strictly confidential and are only used to send back a reply.



May the grace of God be upon you always. --- Amen


Pastor Andy Anderson

Celestial Grace Ministry