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Suicide Prevention

Over one million people die by suicide worldwide each year: View Statistics. In America alone, every year about 45,000 people will take their own lives by committing suicide.

Suicide Prevention Help

Whatever is bothering you, do not commit suicide as it cannot be undone.

Sometimes in life events can occur that causes a human being to suffer deep emotional pain, confusion of logic, loss of hope, loss of faith or loss of the desire to live.

There are a number of reasons or occurrences that can cause these conditions to evolve and torment a person. However, no matter what the torment or level of suffering may be, it can be removed and healed.

With God nothing is impossible. Through faith anything can be accomplished, through prayer any torment or suffering can be relieved, and through the Holy Spirit any problem can be solved, any obstacle can be overcome, and any desire can be fulfilled.

God loves every one of us and every human being is important to Him. Although God gave you freedom of thought and action, He does not want you to harm or kill yourself, and He can and will remove any torment from your mind and body.

He gives every human being an immortal celestial soul and His Holy Spirit dwells and lives within it, within you. Because of this your life is very valuable. Every human being gives and receives love, and every human life affects the lives of others.

Your soul is precious, do not traumatize it by committing suicide. Your soul does not die and you do not want it to leave your body traumatized and damaged.

Whatever condition that is responsible or problem that is causing a person to incur pain or suffering; let not your mind or heart be troubled because any condition can be changed, any problem can be solved and any suffering can be relieved and healed.

If you are suffering from severe loneliness, depression, are sensing suicidal feelings or are contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Center at: 800-273-8255 without delay.

However, if you prefer not to communicate by phone, please email Pastor Anderson a brief description of what you feel is causing you to have suicidal feelings. This would allow us to pray for you and give us the opportunity to communicate with you by email.

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