Spiritual Alignment:     When Using God's Energy, Anything is Possible


When God created spiritual man (Genesis 1:26, 1:27 and 2:7) he was given a body made from the dust of the Earth and adjoined with a soul and a spirit.

Man’s spirit is life generating energy from God and is what brings life to man’s body, mind and soul.

God lives and dwells in the celestial universe and Humans live and dwell in the terrestrial universe, which are two separate dimensional realms. God radiates and transfers love, affection, healing, knowledge and wisdom to mankind through spirit, (an energy life force) from one universal dimension to the other, from God’s spirit body, to our Human body and mind.

In order for the flow of spiritual energy to successfully penetrate your body and mind without obstruction, a Human Being must stay in spiritual alignment with God - (iniquitous thoughts and activity of any kind will obstruct this flow.)

It is vitally important that the Human spirit is consistently refreshed and strengthened.

If a man or woman fails to stay in alignment with God, and to abundantly receive and absorb God’s life force energy, then they will not grow in spiritual wisdom and faith. They will become vulnerable to the control of ethereal, anti-spiritual energy that can enter into them, and begin to influence and manipulate their thoughts, emotions and actions.

Their ability to resist harmful carnal temptations will begin to diminish, and their body’s immune system will start to become frail. They will become more susceptible to emotional, physical and mental afflictions. Their day to day life could become riddled with problems, insecurities, disappointment, frustration, anger, depression, illnesses, and even immoral behavior or criminal activity, some of which will defile their life and soul, and deprive them from receiveing the gift of salvation and eternal life.

Sadly, this happens to millions of people throughout the world every day. The population of the world’s jail, prison, and welfare systems has consistently increased year by year as more and more people succumb to troubling problems, vices, damaging afflictions and even suicide.

If however, you understand how to keep yourself aligned with God and his spiritual energy force, your spiritual wisdom will increase and your faith will grow in strength, and you will be able to overcome harmful carnal temptations, illnesses, and emotional weaknesses that may challenge you during your life.

Ten things you need to do, to achieve a harmonious alignment with God.

  • You must have love for God and believe in Him with all your heart, soul and mind  (and always remember God gave you your life, body, mind and soul).

  • You must believe in God’s Kingdom and have faith in His Angels, and in His Son, Jesus Christ. Try to accept and embrace God's love at all times.

  • You must pray each day and communicate with God, and seek to develop a relationship with Him (He is your companion and is with you every day).

  • You must consistently study the words of God and increase your understanding of His character, broaden your spiritual knowledge, and try to live your daily life in accordance with God's moral values and guidelines.

  • You must not be afraid or embarrassed to acknowledge your love and faith in God, and always try to let the light of God's spirit shine from within your character.

  • You must resist with all your willpower from doing things in your daily life that you know in your heart are wrong. If you become weak and stumble into sin, pray to God and ask for forgiveness, and for the wisdom and strength to resist and overcome harmful temptations.

  • You must interact with kindness in all your activities with other people, and always accept kindness from others when offered.

  • You must not allow yourself to harbor ill will, bitterness, jealously, resentment, anger, hatred or covetousness against anyone no matter what they may have done to you or to someone you love.

  • You must take time in your life to help people that you know are weak in faith, that are afflicted with a torment or that are in distress or are deprived of common Human needs.

  • You must always have respect for your body, because the spirit of God dwells and lives within it:

    You should not become addicted to dependences or become involved in unclean lascivious behavior, do not deface, tattoo or ornament your body in vanity, and above all, do not use foul language, neither from your mouth, nor in your thoughts or in anything you write; do not use harsh or angry voice tones, and do not make threatening statements, foul gestures or mockery when you communicate.


The more of these ten things that you can do, and do consistently, the stronger your alignment will be with God, and with His spiritual life force and kingdom.

The more spiritual energy you receive and absorb from God, the stronger you will become. Your spiritual knowledge and wisdom will grow; your faith will be enduring and everlasting, and your life will become filled with peace, fulfillment and joy.

There is nothing more valuable on Earth than receiving God’s unconditional love and possessing peace of mind and soul, and to all those that seek, nothing shall be held back from them.

May the grace of God be upon you always --- Amen.

Pastor Andy Anderson                             How To Become Healthy in All Areas of Your Being

Celestial Grace Ministry