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    Understanding Sex and Spirituality

Sex and Spirituality

One of the greatest gifts God gave to mankind was sexual love and the ability to propagate and produce children.

It’s important to realize that every human being born of woman was created through the act of sexual desire, the manifestation of sexual energy and the engagement of sexual intercourse, which is:

The insertion of a human male penis into the vagina of a human female woman, which causes a physical, biological orgasm to occur, the release and passing of sperm cells from the human body.

When a human male passes his semen or sperm into the uterus of a human female, it creates life, a human embryo or fetus develops within the woman's womb, and eventually culminates in the birth of at least one human infant child or baby.

Although this act occurs with the majority of adult human beings and happens regularly (billions of times) throughout the world, it remains one of the most difficult subjects to discuss and understand. Physical sexual activity is governed by both moral and criminal laws and can invoke deep emotional sensitivity and profound personal reactions.

Because of the moral and religious sensitivity of sexual activity, there are many differing beliefs, opinions and positions, and it is not for me as a Christian Pastor to make any hypocritical judgements over anyone’s specific beliefs or positions, but rather to offer my opinion from a theological, analytical, biblical, and Christian point of view.

For many people, understanding and controlling their sexual desires or sexual energy can be a difficult challenge, especially for younger people. One of the most confusing psychological or spiritual issues is recognizing the difference between sexual lust and sexual love, and when to engage in sexual activity and when not to. Sexual lust tends to lead to sexual imorality or sex crimes.

There are different kinds of sexual pleasures and activities; the most sensitive however, is the act of sexual intercourse between a man and women because its the act of creation, to bring about the potential birth of a new human life. The most heinous act of sexual immorality is the sexual abuse of a child, which for the victim is usually a traumatic and emotionally devastating experience and can torment the victim for their entire life.

First let’s identify what is considered to be biblically, morally or criminally wrong regarding sexually activity:

  • The engagement of sexual activity between men (homosexuality).

  • The engagement of sexual activity between women (lesbianism).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity with a child or children (sexual child molestation).

  • Adults engaging in the manipulation of children to have sexual activity or the viewing by adults of children having sexual activity (pedophilia).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity with close or blood related family members or their own offspring (incest).

  • An Adult engaging in sexual activity with another person without their consent or by force (rape or sexual abuse).

  • Adults engaging in the use of drugs, hypnotism, threats or deception to subdue or entice a person into sexual activity (coerced sexual seduction).

  • Adults exposing their sexual body parts for display without consent (lewdness).

  • An adult by using their hands touching or fondling the body of another person in an
    unwelcome or unwanted sexual manner (groping).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity with a mentally impaired, physically ill or deceased person (debauched sexual perversion).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity out of holy matrimony (fornication).

  • Adults who are married engaging in sexual activity with someone other than their marital spouse (adultery).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity for the purpose of birthing an infant baby for any nefarious activities (child breeding, trafficking, sale, etc.).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity in a lustful carless manner causing an unwanted pregnancy resulting in a fetal abortion (fetal infant murder).

  • An adult man or woman selling their body (taking compensation) to engage in or preform sexual activity with another person (prostitution).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity for exotic entertainment, display or commercial profit (pornography).

  • Adults engaging in the secret photography or video filming of sexual activity for the purpose of blackmail (sexual extortion).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity in a lustful, salacious, crude, vulgar, filthy or unclean manner (lasciviousness).

  • Adults engaging in sexual activity with an animal (bestiality).

Sex and Love

In evaluating these listed sexual activities from a biblical, analytical Christian position, all these acts are immoral and sinful in the eyes of God. Also, many of them are criminal acts in most nations on Earth. There are some people that will elect to believe that not all of these acts are sinful or immoral in the eyes of God, and each person has the freedom to search their moral conscious and make a determination for themselves.

As a Christian Pastor, it is my belief that God gave human beings the gift of sex as both a physical and spiritual pleasure to be enjoyed through love and in holy marriage. When sex is performed between a husband and wife that have love for each other, it highly stimulates the physical body, the mind, the soul and Holy Spirit that lives within them.

Marital sex is blessed by God and is regarded as one of the most sanctified, spiritual; holy acts that human beings can engage in, and that is because its the act of creating life and directly involves God. In order for a human embryo to come to life as spiritual human being, God must create an immortal celestial soul for the embryo and place His spiritual energy into the fetus, which brings it into an earthly, spiritual life form possessing its own individual character.

Therefore, the act of creating life involves the man, the woman, and God together, and its vitally important that its done with love and in holy matrimony. In early biblical times, this act was spiritually glorified by angels as the honeymoon when newlyweds would celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion.

However, its important to realize that engaging in sexual intercourse out of holy wedlock can have unpleasant consequences. It states in the Bible: Jeremiah 31-29, that the fathers who have eaten sour grapes, the children's teeth are set on edge. Many Theologians and Spiritualists interpret this to mean that a man and woman who produce a child out of holy matrimony (in sexual sin) will cause their child to suffer in life as a result of their immoral act. This appears to be true as historical census statistics clearly show that the majority of children born from unmarried parents tend to live a turbulent, troubled life.

In today’s times, for many people, the immorality of sexual activity has become very confusing. Depending upon a person’s religious faith or church affiliation, there are a lot of differing opinions. These differences primarily focus on four activities:

  • If two men or two women are in love with each other and engage in sexual activity, is that a sinful, immoral sexual act?

  • If a man and a woman are in love with each other but are not married and engage in sexual intercourse, is that a sinful, immoral sexual act?

  • If unmarried adults engaging in sexual foreplay or physical sexual stimulation that does not include sexual intercourse (penal insertion), is that a sinful, immoral sexual act?

  • If an adult engages in the viewing of sexual pornography, is that a sinful, immoral sexual act?

Sex Spirituality

If you are a person that believes in God and has respect for His moral guidelines, or you are a Christian that loves Jesus Christ and believes in His teachings, or you are an individual that has concern about the morality and final disposition of your soul, then determining the depth of sexual immorality, if any, of these activities would be of substantial importance to you.

As human beings, it is not possible for us to know precisely what God thinks about these sexual issues. However, God did provide us a way to bring clarity to these issues. God gave all human beings a spiritual conscious that speaks to them telepathically, within their mind. When a human being violates any one of God’s moral guidelines or laws, no matter how minor the level of severity, in their mind and heart, they are aware of it. In this way, every person can come to know if any of these acts are immoral, and violates God’s code of human ethics..

Therefore, if you engage in one or more of these acts, then within your own mind, heart and soul, you will sense and come to know if you are violating God’s moral laws.

Sex between adults can be an exciting, wonderful and euphoric experience, you just want to be sure its blessed by God.

May the grace of God be upon you always --- Amen.


Pastor Andy Anderson

Celestial Grace Ministry