Celestial Grace Presents: The Zen Meditation and Spiritual Healing Gallery


We offer you this unique audio and image gallery which has been designed to free your mind of stress and anxiety. To refresh your soul and magnify the sensitivity of your inner being so you can receive and absorb the love and healing energy emanating from the Holy Spirit of God.

Each image and sound tract has been carefully selected by Spiritual Zen Masters to provide mind stimulation, body relaxation and spiritual enrichment. The combination of listening to these sound tracts and viewing the images simultaneously has proven to generate spiritual healing powers from within the human body (from your spirit within).

Many people have experienced amazing results from using this gallery such as: the elimination of stress, anxiety and depression; the healing of emotional pain and physical illnesses. Some people have experienced a spiritual awakening, become closer to God and have even had encounters with Angels and Jesus Christ.

 Spiritual Healing

There are four Galleries to view, each lasting about 25 minutes. Its recommended to view them in numerical order 1-4. The four galleries represent a sequential spiritual journey that takes you from the earthly terrestrial realm, into the spiritual celestial realm, into God’s kingdom, and eventually into heaven. The images display in a phasing motion and each image displays for 7 seconds. If you place the mouse cursor over any image the phasing will pause, move the cursor off and phasing will resume.

As you view the gallery, listening to the sounds from the music tracts, viewing each of the images as they pass, you will begin to release healing energy from your inner-spirit being. It will spread through your entire body relieving stress from your mind, soothing your emotions, and healing physical illness.

It is very important that you use this gallery correctly in order to fully benefit from its spiritual, therapeutic and medicinal properties. Please follow these guidelines:

  • 1. Place your internet viewing and audio device in a low light, very quiet area or room.

  • 2. Adjust your audio output control to a comfortable listening level, and when possible, use a high quality headset, earphones or earbuds.

  • 3. Try to be in a private area or room where you will not be interrupted or disturbed.

  • 4. Before viewing the gallery, take a warm bath and be sure your body is completely clean of all impurities.

  • 5. Dress comfortably and do not ware any tight clothing (preferably a robe only, no socks or under clothing).

  • 6. Just before viewing the gallery, prepare a steaming mug of Chamomile, Echinacea or other herb tea to sip on while viewing and listening to the gallery, some people may prefer a glass of wine.

  • 7. Massage a tiny amount of extra virgin olive into the center of your forehead and onto top center of each hand, the top center of each knee and the top center of each foot.

  • 8. When possible light and burn a candle in close proximity to where your will be sitting.

  • 9. When possible light and burn a pleasant aromatic incense in close
    proximity to where you will be sitting.

  • 10. Position your body in a comfortable position for viewing your internet device screen (the larger the screen or monitor size the better).

  • 11. Before starting the gallery for viewing, relax your breathing and clear your mind of any distracting thoughts.

  • 12. Start viewing and listening to the gallery and focus directly on each image as it phases.

  • 13. Should you feel an emotional stimulation or attraction to any of the images as they are phasing, place the mouse curser over that image to pause the phasing and focus on that specific image for 1 or 2 minutes then resume the phasing by moving the mouse curser off the image.

  • 14. Try to spend at least 1 hour listening and viewing the galleries (preferable view all 4 galleries in numerical sequence 1-4).

  • 15. After you have completed you secession, say a prayer and give thanks to God for each day of life He has given to you, for all the earthly possessions you have and for the love you have received from others. Ask God to enrich your mind with spiritual wisdom, and to cleanse and sanctify your soul.

  • 16. If possible, try to repeat this process at least once every week and especially when you are feeling stressful, lonely or sickly, and remember to try and view the galleries in numerical, sequential order, 1-4).

In some cases, upon the completion of viewing the gallery, some people have experienced light-headedness and feelings of euphoria, therefore, its best not to stand up or walk too quickly after your session has ended.

May the Grace of God be with you always.