About Heaven                              What is Heaven Like ?


Almost every Human Being alive at one time during their life-span has wondered to themselves what is heaven like, does it really exist, and what would it be like to dwell there?

It is highly doubtful there is any Human Being alive in the world today that knows for sure what Heaven is like. There is however, biblical writings and ancient theological manuscripts that offer some description and understanding what Heaven may be like; below are translations from those manuscripts:

Two important things to understand about Heaven is that it is the dwelling place of God, and it exists in a dimensional realm that is outside of terrestrial matter and the Earthly realm of existence. And, since neither God nor Jesus Christ lie, nor make false or unture statements, and both have stated that Heaven exists, therefore, it surely must exist.

With regards to Human Beings and Heaven, God has stated, that He is going to place all the resurrected Human Souls in a newly created Heavenly Kingdom and shall give His beloved Son, (Jesus Christ, The Son of Man), dominion over it (John: 3, 35 and Mark: 14, 25).

And each Soul that has received salvation through Jesus Christ, God shall resurrect their bodies from the dust of the Earth, the depths of the seas and from the ashes of fire, and make each of their bodies whole and new, (John: 5, 21).

And God shall reunite their Soul, which He has saved, with their body, which He has resurrected and made new; to each and every one of them shall He do this. And to each one of them, God shall give immortality and He shall make them pure and clean and shall remove the knowledge of evil from their intellect.


And God shall mold their bodies to be perfect, whole, clean and pure of any blemish and their bodies shall not perspire, produce odors or waste of any kind and their bodies shall have celestial beauty, as like unto an Angel, (Mark: 12, 25, and Matthew: 22, 30). And their bodies will glimmer, pulsate magnificent lights, and sparkle like that of precious diamonds.

And God shall make it so their bodies do not age or suffer any decay, they shall never toil or weep and they shall feel no pain and they will never thirst or hunger or feel any discomfort.

Their emotions will be filled with love, joy and excitment, and they will never feel stress or wrongful temptation of any nature, they shall never feel sadness or unhappiness of any kind, and each soul will be able to generate, exchange and experience euphoric levels of love and spiritual sensuality beyond conception; for each and every one of them shall God do this (Revelation: 21, 4).

And The Christ, The Son of Man shall populate the new Kingdom with beautiful Angels and magnificent heavenly creatures, and gardens of celestial flowers of all kinds, and fields filled with trees and plants of great beauty and magical enchantment, crystalline luminescent bodies of water that glow like the moon light, and precious stones of all types that sparkle like the stars of the universe.

And there shall be sounds of beautiful music of all types and of beautiful natural sounds like that of falling waters and flowing streams. And celestial winds and heavenly rain showers shall be heard and all other beautiful sounds that were ever created shall be heard within, and the sky shall be filled with the Spirit of God and magnificent lights and heavenly bodies shall appear and beautiful colors and images of all kinds will glow and pulsate from within the sky.


Within the kingdom, there will be magnificent Cities and every street shall be made of gold and silver and precious jewels of every kind, and the rivers of life which are as clear as crystal shall flow from the Spirit of God in-and-round-about the kingdom, and heavenly waterfalls with iridescent waters and golden clouds of luminous mist and dazzling rainbows that hover above the waters.

And, there shall be brilliant colors and auras such as no Human Beings have ever seen that glisten and glow in-and-round-about the kingdom and the Spirit of God shall bring illumination and warmth to every part of the kingdom. (Revelation: 21, 18-23 and 22, 1).

And the presence of God shall dwell within and there will be no fear of Him and all shall hear His voice and His celestial body shall be seen by all, and love from His holy spirit shall be felt by all (Revelation: 21, 3).

And by God’s will, The Christ, The Son of Man, shall place within the new kingdom the great Hall of Knowledge that contains all knowledge that has ever been created, and the Library of Unlimited Learning is also contained within, and those who enter will have access to all levels of knowledge, even into infinity.

And no secrets of knowledge shall be held back from anyone that enters within, and each Soul shall be given the ability to achieve their desires, and to accomplish great impossibilities, even beyond the limits of their intellect.” (John: 5, 20, and Matthew: 10, 26).

And the Kingdom of Paradise shall contain many magnificent temples and delightful mansions for dwelling, and The Christ, The Son of Man shall give to each Soul a mansion for dwelling of their own desire.” (John: 14, 2, and 3).


And for the sake of the Souls of mankind, God shall resurrect the earthly bodies of all the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and the cattle and all the domestic and wild animals of the Earth and every creeping thing that crept upon the Earth and every creature that was alive on Earth and had the breath of life within it.

God shall resurrect each and every one of them and their character shall be restored unto them.

And God shall place all of them in their own celestial kingdom which God will name; “The Kingdom of Animalia” and God will provide food for them from the celestial heavens.

All these creatures shall have immortality and shall have no fear of the Souls of mankind or of one another and they shall not kill one another or consume one another or be consumed. There shall be love between them and they shall dwell together in joy and harmony.

And the Son of God, The Christ, The Son of Man shall have dominion over it and all the animals that mankind loved and cared for on Earth shall be made available. And The Christ, the Son of Man shall give to the Souls of mankind the power to locate any animal that they loved on Earth.

And to each of those Souls that have been resurrected, given a new body and placed in the Kingdom of Paradise, they may come to the Kingdom of Animalia, locate and collect any animals they loved on Earth, and take them unto their mansion and dwell with them. And the animals shall remember their keepers and will have great joy and happiness.

And each Soul shall have the freedom to travel and explore the infinite cosmos and to see and experience wonders beyond human conception, and at any time, will be able to return safely to their dwelling mansion in Heaven.

And there are many more wonderful things about the Kingdom of Heaven that have not been described in these few pages in-so-much as it would take thousands of pages to describe them all.

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If you desire to dwell in Heaven, focus on doing the will of God,
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