What To Do When Depression Comes:

Victory and Joy

Depression attacks and affects millions of people throughout the world. It is a negative, anti-spiritual energy force that penetrates into your mind and thoughts.

Depression tries to control your thoughts, to confuse you into thinking and feeling that you’re unhappy, and blots out your ability to see a clear solution to what is causing you anxiety or emotional discomfort.

One important thing to realize about depression, its no more than a temporary discomfort, and which in reality, you have full control over. It can easily be defeated and once defeated, makes you a wiser and stronger person.

A bout of depression is just like catching a annoying winter cold, with a bit of rest and some of mom’s warm chicken soup, Walla!, your back on your feet, feeling great, and ready to go.

Since depression attacks your thoughts; your thoughts are what need to be treated. Listed below are 10 things to do that will defeat depression. So anytime you're attacked by depression, read these items over 3 to 4 times during the day or evening, and carefully focus on each one of them.

  • Always remember that tomorrow is a new day and anything can happen. Each new sunrise brings with it healing energy, and shines light on undiscovered treasures.

  • Prey and ask God to send you a guidance angel, to help you increase your wisdom, to overcome the cause of whatever is making you unhappy. Remember that you are unique, there is only one of you, and you are important to God and to the world you live in.

  • Take a moment to realize that any troubling problem or challenging issue is not a bad thing, but rather an opportunity for you to gain happiness.

  • Defeat of Depression

  • Focus and center you thoughts on simple things that make you happy, then look into a mirror and give yourself a nice big smile.

  • No matter how you feel, trust in yourself, and in your ability to overcome any obstacle you are facing. Within you, you possess the strength and intellect to solve whatever problem is challenging you. Take one step at a time, and let patients guide your path.

  • Look for someone to help, that may need your assistance or advice.

  • Focus on learning something new, and stick with it until you’ve mastered it.

  • Each new day provides a hidden opportunity for you to improve your life, become a sleuth and see if you can find it.

  • When feeling depressed, give yourself a reward, eat your favorite food and listen to your favorite music, or watch a favorite movie at least once or twice during the day or evening, and above all, pray and commune with God.

  • And, most important of all -- Remember that God gave you your body, your mind and your life, and you have his unconditional love, and even though you can’t see him, he is right there with you.

  • May the grace of God be upon you always --- Amen.

    Pastor Andy Anderson
    Celestial Grace Ministry