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Welcome to Celestial Grace Charity, a spiritual based humanitarian and animal kindness center devoted to helping both human beings and animals who are suffering and are in need of assistance through the grace of God.

Celestial Grace Charity is a non-profit, charitable organization that accepts donations and is dedicated to helping both people and animals that have become victims to depravity and the evilness in the world today.

When God created humans and animals, He did not mean for them to live a life with abuse or suffering. From the Bible: (Genesis 1:26) it states that God gave man dominion over Earth and over all forms of life that inhibit the Earth.

So God delegated the care and management of Earth, its environment and all its inhabitants to mankind. God also provided mankind with money to use as a commerce tool for trade, and to assist in providing welfare and protection to all of Earth’s living creatures.

Sadly however, much of mankind became corrupted in their desires and started using money for the wrong reasons: to acquire positions of power, make weapons to kill, gain material wealth, and other ungodly activities. This caused the maintenance of Earth to suffer and lead to the rise of poverty and depravity.

For us at Celestial Grace Temple, money has no value other than it is one of several tools that God uses to do His nurturing works. Our Temple functions as a distribution center for God. It accepts donations from those that are moved in their heart to support God’s works and then allocates those donations for Godly humanitarian support, to assist in the relief of human and animal suffering.

When a person gives a donation, it also helps the person giving it because they have become involved in doing God’s works. Remember that the Spirit of God dwells and lives within each one of us and God is aware of our thoughts, needs and actions. (Luke (12:6 and 12:7).

The rewards a person receives for their generosity will usually be many times over what they gave. (Matthew 6:19-6:34) and (Luke 12:18-12:31).

Here is a brief summary of how Celestial Grace uses and distributes donations:


To assist children of all races who are in need of food, medicine and shelter.

To assist individuals and families of all races who are in distress, who are afflicted, and cannot help themselves.

To assist individuals of all races that have no means of receiving medical treatment for a health condition that is endangering their life.

To assist animals of all kinds that are in distress, that are injured or starving or have been displaced from their natural environment and are struggling to survive.

To assist other charitable organizations that have budget shortfalls in funding activates that are doing God’s work to help distressed human beings and animals.

To assist individuals of all races, in all countries, to receive and understand the words of God.

To assist in support of the administrative costs to carry out these programs of assistance.

Celestial Grace Temple does not use donations to support any political activities or to support any political candidates or governments, and does not distribute donations to government officials or government representatives of any country.

To insure the integrity of our donation policies, Grace Temple will upon request publish an accounting report of its donations and distributions.

Each donation that is received and accepted is blessed and carefully targeted to the highest priority of need, to relieve extreme conditions of suffering and to provide assistance to those that are most in need.

Please note however, that in some unusual cases, a donation may not be accepted or could be returned if certain ethics are found to lack in integrity.

All donations that are accepted will be used exclusively for God’s works, and are tax deductible under Federal IRS regulations to individuals that hold U.S. citizenship.

Celestial Grace provides each donor with and account and donor ID number. Each donation a person makes is recorded to their account. In this way, they can login to their account and print a statement of their donations which can be used as a support document when filing their IRS and State tax returns or for other philanthropic needs.

All donor names and amounts are kept strictly confidential and are unpublished. In addition, a donor has the option to remain anonymous. They can however, select an option that would automatically post their name and donation amount on our public donation register.

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