The Human Soul                         How Important is Your Soul


When God created spiritual man (Genesis 1:26, 1:27 and 2:7), he was given a physical body made from the dust of the Earth (from the terrestrial world) and the body was adjoined with a soul and spirit created in the spiritual world, which is located in a celestial, inter-dimensional universe that is not visible to mankind.

Man’s soul is the essence of his being. It is the ampule of his character and a temple where the spirit of God resides. The human soul is also eternal, and will never die or cease to exist.

The human body will die, it will decay and decompose and become dust of the Earth from which it was formed. Your soul however, will not die, it was not created from the dust of the Earth or from anything terrestrial. The human soul is celestial and was formed from spiritual energy by God, and in His image and likeness.

During the time that your soul and your terrestrial physical body are joined and bonded together, every act that you perform as a human being during your life time is recorded on your soul. So every second of your life from the time you are born, and up to the time you physically die are accurately recorded in detail on your soul.

When your body dies, every memory that was stored in your physical brain, every bit of knowledge you acquired, every word you spoke, and every word you heard is transferred and stored in your soul.

When physical death occurs, your human soul will depart from your deceased terrestrial body. According to biblical scripture and theological research, your soul will ascend into the celestial realm. It will then dwell in that dimension either within the Kingdom of God or outside the Kingdom of God.

Your soul will continue to have conscious awareness, feelings, emotions and intellect even though you have no terrestrial physical body. If you have acted in accordance with biblical scripture (followed the words of God regarding salvation), your soul will have an opportunity to be saved, purified and given a new immortal ageless body and will reside within the Kingdom of God forever.

If however, you have not acted in accordance to biblical scripture, your soul will not be saved within the kingdom of God and it will not be given a new immortal ageless body. Instead, your soul will reside bodiless outside the kingdom of God in darkness forever. Once this occurs, there is no chance of redemption.

And sadly, any human soul that has not been cleansed and purified by God (Jesus Christ), all their earthly sins and immoral acts will remain embedded within their soul, and they shall be emotionally tormented by the memory of their immoralities and iniquities for eternity.

You have the choice to either accept or reject this as truth.

If you are unsure to accept it as truth, you still have time to study biblical scripture and commune with God. You still have time to make sure that you put yourself in a position to receive salvation, be given a new immortal ageless body, and to dwell in God's Kingdom, an infinite, eternal paradise of love, joy, excitement, limitless opportunities, and happiness everlasting.

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The Soul and its Destination


Ask yourself this question, are you 100% sure that when you physically die, your soul will be saved, cleansed of all sins and placed in the Kingdom of God and given a new immortal ageless body?

If for any reason you are not 100% sure, then your soul will not be purified and saved, and it will not be placed in the kingdom of God.

Use the remaining time that you have in your physical life on Earth to become 100% sure (totally without doubt) that your soul will be saved:

                                                                                  [Seek Salvation Truth]

Remember, it is God's promise to all humanity that "your soul can be saved."

May the grace of God be upon you always --- Amen

Pastor Andy Anderson
Celestial Grace Ministry