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What is known about Lucifer or Satan (called the Devil) is he real or a myth?

There are many varying opinions and interpretations of who Satan is, and if he even exists. Generally, he is considered to be the primary adversary of God.

I have been studying this issue for over 40 years, and I believe I can offer a reasonable understanding which I have concluded from studying hundreds of theological documents, biblical script and other ancient ecclesiastical manuscripts as well as from discussions I have had with evangelists, priests, ministers, pastors and theologians. Also, I have spoken with numerous people who have claimed to have had direct contact or had an actual interaction with Satan.

Most commonly, Satan is believed to be an angelic being who fell out of favor with God, lusting for power, and seducing humanity into the ways of sin, corrupting and defiling their lives and souls, and who now rules over a fallen kingdom, "The Nether World".

Satan is primarily understood as a deceiver, a tempter, an accuser or an adversary, a malevolent entity (devil) that possesses demonic qualities, supernatural powers, and is the source of deception, confusion, cynicism, weakness, greed, resentment, anger, wickedness and evil. He manifests hatred and rebellion and strives to create chaos and misery.

The original Hebrew term, Satan is a noun from a verb meaning primarily to, “obstruct, oppose,” as it is found in the Old Testament Bible, (Numbers 22:22), (First Samuel 29:4) and (Psalms 109:6). Ha-Satan is traditionally translated as “the accuser,” or “the adversary.” The definite article “ha-,” English “the," is used to show that this is a title bestowed on a being, versus the name of a being. Thus this being would be referred to as “The Satan”.

Lucifer, also referred to as the dragon, the ancient serpent who is called the Devil. He is believed to be the prince of deception, an accomplished liar and a master manipulator. He will attack a person’s mind and their inner-being, the center of their emotional awareness, where their deepest and most sincere feelings are located, and where a human being is most vulnerable to temptation, fear and pain.

The belief that Satan is a horrible, ugly, grotesque, horned creature is a myth. There is no actual evidence to support this as being his actual bodily appearance. That is merely a false conception because Satan is associated with evil. Satan does however, seem to have the power to manifest himself into different forms of appearance.

Lucifer (Satan) is a very complex being and is not someone that is easy to explain.

In my book, "God, Science and Life", I have written a lot of detail about Satan, his activities, and his history, so I will be providing you with much of that information.


Lucifer was one of many celestial or angelic beings created by God from His own spiritual energy.

He was known in the Kingdom of Heaven as Lucifer Sol Solis, (meaning like the sun or bearer of light) and later came to be known to mankind as Satan, the Serpent, the Tempter or the Devil, moving forward I will just refer to him as Lucifer or the Serpent.

Lucifer was one of God’s most beloved creations and one of His closest companions. He possessed the most wisdom of all of God’s celestial beings.

He greatly honored God and was exceedingly kind and affectionate to all of God’s creations and preformed many wonders for them. He came to be greatly admired by all of God’s Angels and all other celestial creatures that dwelled in God’s Kingdom.

When God first created Earth, He populated it with monstrous sea creatures, large ferocious land beasts and other various terrestrial animals, and because Lucifer had grown in such stature, God gave him dominion over the Earth and all the creatures that inhabited it. So Lucifer reined over all the creatures on Earth before spiritual man was created; (which in the measure of terrestrial time, was millions of years).

When God decided to create spiritual mankind, he reformed the terrestrial universe and radically changed Earth’s geography so it would support spiritual living human beings. When this occurred, all the creatures on Earth were either eliminated or transformed into the animals that are known to us today.

After God finished creating the new Universe and Earth, he planted the Garden of Eden on Earth, then placed the Serpent (Lucifer) in the mist of it, and once again gave Lucifer dominion over all the newly created creatures on Earth. And so it was that Lucifer reined over all the creatures on Earth until God created Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden.

Now as it states in (Genesis 1, 26), after God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, he gave spiritual man dominion over all the animals on Earth, over all the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the cattle and all the wild animals of the Earth and every creeping thing that crept upon the Earth.

Eternial Life

And God brought forth each one of his animal creations to Adam, and Adam gave each species a name. Adam also selected which animals would be domestic and which would be wild.

This caused Lucifer to feel disparaged because he was a celestial being and was God’s closest companion before spiritual mankind was created. He felt that he was above mankind and should continue his dominion over all living creatures on Earth and should have dominion over spiritual man, and Lucifer began to feel resentment towards God and man.

As time passed, God felt compassion for man because he was alone and had no close companion; so God created a partner that would be pleasant onto man and be his helper. (Genesis 2, 18).

God performed the first known surgical operation on man and caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep, opened this chest, removed a rib bone and then closed up this body with flesh (Genesis 2, 21).

God then took Adam’s rib bone, molded it with the dust of the Earth and formed a female human being and breathed life into her nostrils and she became alive. God brought her forth and gave her to Adam, to be his wife and partner, (Genesis 2, 22).

This caused Lucifer’s bitterness to grow with more intensity and he became filled with selfish indignation and sought to degrade mankind.

Then Lucifer being filled with resentment, preyed upon the woman (Eve) that God had created, and by using his celestial wisdom engaged in craftiness and trickery, and caused the woman to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and also influenced her to give the fruit to her husband Adam and he did eat of it.

Lucifer knew this would cause Adam to betray his sacred covenant with God, to cause mankind to eat fruit from the Celestial Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which God had commanded not to be eaten, (Genesis 3, 1, through 3, 18).

When God discovered what had happened, He came to Lucifer and said unto him, because you have done this vile act, cursed you shell be among all animals and among all wild creatures on Earth; upon your belly you shall go and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers and mankind will strike at your head and you will strike at their heels, (Genesis 3, 14, and 3, 15).

Now during that time, the Serpent (Lucifer) did not return to the celestial universe with God, but stayed on Earth as God had commanded. This infuriated Lucifer even more and he developed great hate against God and mankind. All the love and kindness that Lucifer once had within him became overwhelmed by his hate and he became full of bitter vile and evil.

Lucifer being celestial and possessing celestial wisdom and powers, sought to defile mankind, even onto the depth of this soul; to bring evil guile into his thoughts, misery and suffering into his life, and to cause the utter destruction of his flesh and soul. (First Corinthians 5:5).

Thus begins Lucifer’s long journey to corrupt as many human beings as possible which he still does today and will continue to do until God eternally imprisons him within his own kingdom.

Now there is much more to be said about Lucifer and I could easily write several hundred pages about him.

There is information that Lucifer disobeyed God’s command to stay on Earth and went back to the celestial universe, to God’s Spiritual Kingdom (Heaven) and begin to influence and corrupt many of God’s angelic beings and brought war into Heaven between God’s Angels.

Eventually Lucifer was forced to retreat, left the Kingdom of Heaven with legions of defeated or fallen angels and other celestial beings and creatures and unto his day, resides in the bowels of the Earth, (in a Godless kingdom of darkness) and continues his attempts to defile, denigrate and destroy mankind.

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Biography of Lucifer Called Satan

Another source of information about Lucifer or Satan, is written in the Old Testament Bible: "Book of Job", which describes some insightful information about Lucifer’s communication with God and about his character.

Please consider however, one very real and undisputed fact, evil does exist, and it is not a molecular substance created from atoms (atomic particles). Evil is an invisible, negative anti-spiritual energy force, which is generated from a specific source (from Satan).

Now here is wisdom, for those who have an ear, let them hear, and for those who understand, let them understand and for those who seek, let them find.

May the Grace of God be with you always --- Amen.

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