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Amazing Grace - Lost But Now Found

Salvation & Eternal Life        Resurrection and Rebirth


Greetings from Celestial Grace Temple: Our Ministry would like to offer you an opportunity to confirm your salvation, to have your sins forgiven, and gain the gift of eternal life.

It states in the Bible - The New Testament (John 3:16-3:17) the inspired words of spiritual truth: God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but will have everlasting life.

For God sent not his Son into the world not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

Under God’s declared law, once a Human Soul becomes impure because of committing sinful or immoral acts, that Soul cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven or be united with a new resurrected body and given eternal life, but rather, will be cast apart from God’s Kingdom. (Revelation: 21, 27)

All Human Beings have a spiritual conscious that speaks to them telepathically, (that speaks to your conscious awareness) Therefore, if you violate one of God’s moral laws, in your mind and heart you are aware of it. Some people feel remorse and seek atonement, while others cover up their remorse with vanity, and will continue to do sinful, iniquitous acts without regret and may never seek atonement or forgiveness.

If at any time during your life you have disrespected God’s laws and done wrong things, that is, you have committed an act of immoral human behavior in the eyes of God, and by doing so, you have tarnished your Soul with sin and placed impurities within it.

Wrongful, sinful, immoral or iniquitous human behavior can be any one of the following:

    Eternal Life
  • Committing disrespectful acts against God by using His name in a profane or malevolent manner, or committing idolatry or idolization to a false God, object or activity, or to blaspheme, demean or defame the Holy Spirit.

  • Committing acts of thievery, larceny, fraudulent or deceitful behavior.

  • Committing acts of malicious lying, slander, giving false testimony or hurtful criticism.

  • Committing acts of selfishness, lustful greed, excessive vanity, cruelty or hatefulness.

  • Committing lustful acts of want, to covet another person’s spouse or property.

  • Committing adulterous acts, fornication causing abortion, rape, sexual perversion or debauched lascivious behavior.

  • Committing acts of brutality, murder, harmful physical assault or cruel verbal abuse.

  • Committing malicious, cruel, or hurtful acts of abuse against a child or animal.

  • Committing acts of abuse against your body though overindulgence of dependencies or by acts of debauchery, defacement, ornamentation or immorality.

  • Committing acts of sloth, excessive worry, apathy, intentional negligence, harmful neglect,
    malevolent use of intellectual acuity or unjustified parental disrespect.


If a human being commits anyone of these acts during their life time, in the eyes of God, it’s a sin and tarnishes their Soul with immoral impurities. Sadly, you cannot save your Soul because it has already become defiled by your own actions in life.

Once a Human Soul has become impure, it cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven or be united with a new resurrected body and given eternal life, but rather, will be cast apart from God’s Kingdom.

However, because of God’s love and compassion, He gave mankind a simple way to be saved: The thing you are to do then, to be saved, is to simply believe and trust in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. When you commit your trust in Him, then you have God's promise, "Thou shalt be saved."   View:  Sin to Purity

God bestowed upon His Son (The Christ) the power to forgive sin, meaning Jesus has the ability to clean the Human Soul of all impurities, to sanctify it, to make it pure and holy, and through that sanctification, become worthy to enter into The Kingdom of God.

If you acknowledge to God, that you believe in and accept the authority of His Son, (Jesus Christ), your Soul will be saved, cleaned of impurities, given a new ageless body and eternal life; and you will dwell within God’s Heavenly Kingdom forever.

To receive salvation and acquire eternal life, read and orally say these words in truth as your sacred salutation to God:


Dear God, I come before You now, and before the Angels in Your Kingdom, so they can bear witness to my testimony, which I say in truth and with love from my Mind, Heart and Soul:

That, I believe and trust in Your Son, Jesus Christ, and I accept Him as Lord and Savior of my Life and Soul. I give Him my pledge, that I will not deny my love and trust in Him, even in the face of adversity or danger, nor in times of great temptation, and I invite Him into my life, to be my friend and mentor.

I humbly pray for His guidance, and that spiritual grace and wisdom will be shed upon me; that I may use those virtues to become more righteous and holy in character, and that I will strive with all my heart and soul to overcome unwanted decadent temptations that may cause me to succumb to sinful iniquitous acts.

Lord Jesus: I offer you my unconditional love, and my sincere, honest, compassionate atonement for the wrongs I have done. I ask with great humility to be forgiven of my sins, and that you will bless and purify my inner-being, "my Soul" and that you will enter my name in God's Book of Life; that I may become worthy to receive salvation, and to enter and dwell within your Father’s kingdom.

After you have given this testimony, for the rest of your life, you must keep your word to God, to live by His moral values, to do His will, and to love and trust in His son, Jesus Christ.

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Is Jesus The Only Way To Be Saved?

May the grace of God be upon you always --- Amen.



Pastor Andy Anderson                            

Celestial Grace Ministry