If God needed your help, would you give it?

Remember that God gave you your life, body, mind and soul.

What if He ask for someting in return?

If God spoke to you one morning as said, the Antichrist has entered into the world and is influencing the world population to disrespect My moral guidelines and turn away from believing in My Son, Jesus Christ.

Most of My people have become materialistic, lustful and selfish. They focus their time on the collection of material possessions and are constantly under stress over money, raiment and social acceptance.

They no longer study My words, but rather, many spend their time in entertainment with electronic gadgets, watch movies filled with violence and profanities, and have become attracted to perverse dependencies, they succumb to immoral temptations, view pornography, and engage in lascivious behavior.

Can I rely on you to stand up and be counted as a pure and righteous person? A person that is strong in faith, avoids immoral behavior, has respect and trust in my Son Jesus Christ, and will help Me save the world from immorality and destruction?

Satan God Jesus

How would you respond?

Do you have the moral courage to reply?

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