Celestial Grace Temple Presents God's Gallery of Creations

A Visualization and Meditation Art Gallery

We offer you a stunning collection of photos that displays the magnificent and wondrous beauty of God's angels and earthly creations. The photos are grouped into categories and display in a phasing method.

Each photo displays for 7 seconds and each phase gallery is matched with a sound tract of heavenly music. Each gallery takes about 30 minutes to view and contains over 200 photos (there are 20 separate galleries). You can pause the sliding movement by placing the mouse pointer over any image, then by moving the pointer off the image, the sliding movement will resume.

It has been said that by carefully studying an artist’s work, you can come to know the character of the artist. By viewing and studying the images of God’s creations, you can learn about His character, His nature and the depth of love and beauty God has within Him.

Each image is unique, study them carefully and you will soon began to see God's character emerge in each photo. It's an amazing scenic adventure!

We invite you to make a selection from our dropdown menu below to enjoy Godly scenic visualizations and soothing music. If you have audio/sound activated on your computer or mobile device, be sure to adjust your sound volume to a comfortable listening level when viewing a gallery. Also, you can use your brower's zoom feature to increase the image size to full screen viewing.

May the Grace of God be with you always.