Why is it important to focus on God, Jehovah Elohim our Creator?


The average life span for a human being is between 75 and 90 years. That is all the time you have to enjoy life on Earth and learn as much wisdom as you can. Our universe is over 14 billion years old and the Earth is over 4 billion years old. Therefore, 90 years is like a nanosecond of time. What if, however, you could live for billions of years and never age, and what if your range of travel was the entire universe, not just Earth.

I believe that most people, if given the chance to increase their life span, to continue to have conscious awareness, growth in wisdom, perfect health, enjoyment and enrichment of life, would want to do it: (To Achieve Immortality and Eternal Life).

Each person that has been born on Earth and comes to life has an opportunity to become aware of God and believe in Him, and in His son, Jesus Christ. Some people will take the time in their life to study the written words of God which contain the secrets of life, morality and spirit.

Sadly, however, many people will choose not to do this, instead using the majority of their time to focus on Earthly desires, pleasures, and activities, and which, because there appears to be no profound evidence or proof that God exists, past or present, will choose not to give God any relevance in their life.

Thousands of people have asked this question, if God exists, why does He appear to be so hidden, invisible, not to be seen with the human eye, silent, not to be heard with the human ear, does He even really exist?

To most people, God is a mystery and they wonder, if He does exist, where does He reside and how can I communicate with Him?

Who or what is God perceived to be?

It’s almost impossible to clearly understand who or what God really is. There are many differing views, perceptions and beliefs as to how God is identified, and how Human Beings relate to Him.

The most understandable and common perception or belief is that God is a living celestial supreme being, that He is immortal and ageless, has emotions and a limitless intellect, possesses an infinite amount of knowledge, generates warmth, love and life giving energy, and is the creator and ruler of the known universe, and is the source of all moral authority.

It is thought, that God is the architect of all life forms, that He is omnipresent, (dwells in all living things) and is the whole, undivided parent of all living creatures, existing in spirit as both the Father and Mother as one entity, and cares for and nurtures all life forms.

It is also believed that God is the ruler over the infinite cosmos and the creator of an unseen and undetectable celestial, multi-dimensional universe populated with celestial, angelic and extra-terrestrial beings. This universe, however, is invisible to human beings even though it exists in direct parallel with our own terrestrial universe. It cannot be seen because it resides in a dimension outside of terrestrial matter.

Earnestly consider this reality: everyone is going to face death, there is no escape from it, and if God truly exists and His words are truth, and during your life you take no time to study the words of God, to gain wisdom and clarity in the matter of life, morality and spirit, is it worth the risk to lose the opportunity to be resurrected from death, given a new perfect ageless body, have all your sins and wrong doings forgiven, your soul cleansed of all impurities, given eternal life, and to dwell in an infinite Godly paradise environment forever? (Matthew: 16, 26 through 16, 28).

By focusing on God and studying His words, you can come to understand what you must do to receive this wonderful gift: Resurrection From Death and Eternal Life in Paradise. Always try to remember that God manifest Himself into human form and became Jesus Christ, so God and Jesus Christ are one in the same Being. Therefore, the written words of God and the spoken words of Christ are from the same deity.

What God asks of you to earn this wonderful gift is not that difficult, He requires just a few simple things:

  • Take time in your life to study His words and strive to increase your spiritual wisdom.
  • Believe in Him, learn to love Him and speak to Him through prayer.
  • Respect His moral values and guidelines, and try with all your heart to avoid committing ----any sinful or immoral acts.
  • Do not be judgmental of other people, be forgiving in your heart and soften your anger.
  • Become benevolent in your character, avoid vanity, materialism, and lascivious behavior.
  • Believe and trust in God’s spiritual son, Jesus Christ, who came to Earth in human form, ----and that He has the authority to forgive sin, cleanse the human soul of all impurities,--------and to grant eternal life.--

  • If you do these few simple things, God will give you His wonderful gift of eternal life.


    In addition, by studying His words, you will evolve in spiritual growth and benefit from it. Your life on Earth will become pleasant, be free of stress, your body will have less physical illness, your inner being will enjoy emotional tranquility, your mind will have clarity of thought, and you will greatly enhance your ability to achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

    Always remember that God stated He created us in His image, which means, God intended for Humans to be God-Like in their character, loving, kind and nurturing. He desires that each one of us, through our own freedom of will, should evolve in spiritual wisdom and purity, be able to ascend into His Kingdom, and to enjoy direct spiritual interaction with Him.

    May the grace of God be upon you always.


    Pastor Andy Anderson

    Celestial Grace Ministry