Our Amazing God               The Magnificence and Expertise of God


Its simply not possible to describe the vastness and enormity of God’s splendor. There are no words in any earthly language that can be used that would even come close to explaining the greatness of God.

Given that limitation, I am going to do the best I can to convey the capabilities and glory of God. First of all, it’s important to realize that with God, nothing is impossible because everything is possible with God.

There is not any level of knowledge that God does not know because God is the creator of all knowledge. God is infinite and can create multiple levels of infinity. He has always been in existence and always will be.

God creates and controls the beginnings and endings to all things that are in existence. He can bring into existence any form of matter, animate or inanimate. Everything that is created comes from God, and there is nothing that can be created, that does not come from God.

God is living energy and nothing can be alive without God’s energy within it. He creates all life that exists including celestial, angelic, spiritual, astrophysical, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, and non-terrestrial life forms. He can bring to life anything that is not alive, or take life away from anything that has life, and there is nothing in existence that God cannot bring to life, or take life from it.

God created intelligent living beings and gave each one an individual identity, a body and mind with intellect so they could have thought and memory, and be able to think, learn, and have discernment. He also gave each one a spirit, part of His own Being, so they could feel emotions and experience the exhilaration of love, joy and happiness.

God is omnipresent in all life forms. He simultaneously sees, hears and feels the thoughts, actions, and emotions of every life form in existence. He can make anything or anyone that is alive become immortal, and there is nothing that is alive that God cannot make immortal.

God generates pure love and offers it freely without conditions to all life forms. God cares for everything that is alive, and there is nothing alive that God does not care for.

God offers to share His existence will all life forms that have awareness and intellect, but will only reveal Himself to those that seek Him and have openly accepted His love, and that are pure and righteous in their thoughts and actions.

He offers moral guidelines and laws to live by to all life forms that have discernment, so they can coexist in peace and harmony, but does not force those guidelines and laws upon anyone.

He gives freedom of thought and action to all His living beings that have intellect, reason, judgment and knowledge, and does not restrict their thoughts and actions. Each living being has the freedom to become benevolent or malevolent in their character. God is willing, however, to grant forgiveness to anyone that has committed a malevolent or harmful act, but will not grant forgiveness to anyone that does not have compassion within them.


There is no limit to God’s kindness and mercy. He can remove all uncomfortable emotions and sufferings such as hurt, sadness, grief, depression and anguish of any nature from anyone’s life, and will erase all painful tears, bad memories and emotional scars from anyone’s mind and soul, and adorn their inner spirit with joy and happiness.

God can restore life to anything or anyone that has lost it's life, and there is nothing in existence that had life and lost it, that God cannot restore it's life.

Give companionship to anyone that is alone and seeks a friend, and there is not anyone who is alone and seeks companionship that God will not provide them with a friend. Restore anything that has been lost, and there is nothing that can be lost that God cannot restore.

Bring together anything that has come apart and there is nothing that has come apart that God cannot bring together. Repair anything that has been broken, and there is nothing that can be broken that God cannot repair.

Heal anyone or anything that is sick or ill and there is nothing that can become sick or ill that God cannot heal. Bring beauty to anything that exists, and there is nothing that exists, that God cannot make beautiful.

Create any kind of kingdom or mansion to dwell in, and fill it with radiant beauty, glowing illumination, loving warmth, boundless joy and happiness and the environment within will be everlasting.

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The Enormous Splendor of God

God is willing to give every living being an immortal life that is filled with love, peace, excitement and joy, however, God will not give an immortal life filled with these qualities to anyone that has been malevolent and is without compassion.

God is the essence of love, the master of all wisdom, the giver of all solutions, the architect of all creation, and the Father-Mother (the whole and undivided parent) of all life forms. And for all those that believe in God, and have love and respect for Him, nothing is impossible unto them.

May the grace of God be upon you always.

Pastor Andy Anderson
Celestial Grace Ministry