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Pastor Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson is the Founder and Pastor of Celestial Grace Temple, an Online Internet Global Non-Denominational Christian Ministry.

Pastor Anderson is a sanctioned Ordained Minister, Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Guidance Director and Pastor of Celestial Grace Ministries, He also founded Celestial Grace Charity, a non-profit spiritual based humanitarian and animal kindness center devoted to helping both human beings and animals who are suffering from depravity and the evils in the world today and are in need of assistance.

The main focus of Pastor Anderson’s ministry is to provide as many resources as possible to help people understand the words of God and Jesus Christ, and to assist those who are seeking to enhance their spiritual awareness and wisdom, and that desire to secure resurrection from death, to have their sins forgiven, to acquire immortality, and be able to dwell in the Kingdom of God, in paradise forever.

Pastor Anderson also teaches on how to achieve inner peace within your mind and soul, and how to live your life free of stress, gain prosperity, be able to overcome harmful vices and physical illnesses, and to feel joy in your life from day to day.

I don’t think anyone wants a confusing, problematic, emotionally stressful life. If you can come to understand God’s moral guidelines and apply them to your life style, amazing and wonderful events will occur in your life.

No matter how much wealth, material possessions or social prominence that you have or that you may achieve, those things alone cannot bring you a peaceful, fulfilling, joyful life. Spiritual growth and enrichment are needed as well.

I invite you to become a member of Celestial Grace Ministry, It will open the door for you to focus on increasing your spiritual wisdom so you can overcome problematic life issues, avoid immoral activities and emotional pitfalls that can disrupt your life; and above all, to gain inner peace and the assurance of salvation, resurrection from death and the gift of eternal life.

Spiritual Message

May the Grace of God be upon you always.


Pastor Andy Anderson

Celestial Grace Ministry
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